Monday, 16 February 2015

Top 5 exercises for staying young

No one of us wants to get old as we afraid of oldness. By being old, you face has wrinkles, your body parts gradually slow down the function and you are getting dependent on your family members. So, all of you want to stay away oldness.

You can’t stay away from it as being old or oldness is a natural process and everyone has to go through it. But you can slow your aging or getting old with the support of balanced diet including anti aging foods, healthy lifestyle and workouts. Some of you ask for the type of Exercise For Stay Young that you should perform.
Exercise For Stay Young

Exercises can support you stay healthy and fit, but no exercise can help you in this regard except those that regulate your neuron. For staying young, it is very important for you to keep your neuron activated. So, get engaged in performing exercises that have more neuron activation. Here are some of those exercises.

Power clean & press - 80% neuron activation. Performing this makes you feel young and boosts the links between your nerves of your spine.

*Power clean - 80% neuron activation. With this exercise, you feel fresh, you will have neural boost and anti aging effect.

*Dead lift – It offers you 75% neuron activation. Decrease the process of getting older with a full body move.

*Power snatch Offering 75% neuron activation, it makes you able to thin fast. It generates complicated mind muscle that leads to new brain path ways.

*Sprint – By performing this, you will activate your neuron up to 75%. It enhances the function of the nerve from head to toe.

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