Monday, 9 February 2015

5 Anti Aging Foods Not to Miss

None of us wants to get older and to have wrinkles on our skin. It’s hard to stop the signs of aging, but we can slow aging process down and we can Stay Younger, Fit And Healthy for a longer period of time in our life.

You can slow down you aging process and stay fit and younger through workouts and balanced diet. Having balanced diet is not enough. If you are really serious for your aging, you need to have best anti aging diet. Such a diet has a few foods that have anti aging compounds that support you to reduce the rate of getting older. Here are a few foods that can work as antioxidants.
Foods for Anti-Aging
                                               Foods for Anti-Aging
Loaded with water, oranges hydrate your cells and skin. Taking a large orange fulfils your need of vitamin C of a day. It helps make collagen and supports to keep your skin supple.

Oat is among those anti aging foods that you should never miss if you are very serious to hide you aging signs. It has natural plant chemical that soothes skin irritation and supports prevent damage to skin cells.

Enriched in monounsaturated fat (a healthy type of fat), avocados supports your skin stay hydrated. They can also support you absorb some nutrients and vitamins that your skin requires. It offers you a lot of texture and flavor.

Taking this fish is the best way to obtain healthy omega-3 fats. According to recent studies, omega-3 especially from fish can prevent the development of skin cancer cells. Try to have at least 3 ounce of this fish in a week. You can take it with barley salad or brown rice.

Resveratrol obtained from the skin of grapes helps you counter inflammation and slows your aging process. It also supports you fight with the effects of UV light and sun damage.

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