Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Natural Ways To Stay Young & Fit

In today’s world, most of us don’t have active lifestyle. We love luxury and use bike or car for going to even a distance of 1km and use lift for going to the 1st floor. Such things are not good for our health. You can come back to active lifestyle and Stay Young & Fit by following the below mentioned 5 tips.

Sweat out every day
Indulge in physical activity everyday and come out of your comfort zone. Do simple exercises like walking, cycling, running or jogging to keep yourself physically active. Lose fat and perform high intensity workouts if you are eager to have strong & fit body. 

Stay Young & Fit

Go back to old days
Remember the days when you climbed trees, jumped rope, ran sprints all around the ground and went bike riding. Avoid sitting long enough to stay at a computer as you now. Go back to your old days and be more active.

Eat clean
Have balanced diet. As far as possible, avoid foods rich in sugar, saturated fat and trans fat. Include anti aging foods like green tea and berries in your diet. Go green and take leafy & green vegetables, fruits and other stuffs available in natural forms.

Use what you have
Do an invention to know what are around you. Use cycle/bike to ride, rope to jump, chains to pull, boxes to jump, balls to throw, old tires to flip and paints can to carry. Take the things around you to use them for your exercising. Through this, you will have a good work out.

Rest as hard as you work
Taking rest is essential. You should have enough time to take rest and your rest should be both physical and mental. Deep breathing, exercising and going on vacations will take care of your metal rest. Take a short break from workouts if you feel physically exhausted.

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