Saturday, 21 March 2015

Healthy Food Tips - StayYoung

Do you want to know the best-kept secrets of healthy and fit people? One of these is overriding a healthy diet. Watching what we eat can have marvelous impact on our health.

Food For Stay Young
Food For Stay Young

There is also a need to go easy on some foods. They have high level of cholesterol, Tran’s fat and other damaging rudiments that may not be helping our goal to live a better life. Furthermore, here is the list on what foods to be AVOIDED (even though some people say that they are good foods" believe me; you will get fit if you avoid these foods):

*Red meat
*Commercial bread and white flour
*Glucose syrup
*Salad sauce
*Spaghetti sauce
*ALL fried foods
*ALL fast foods
*Alcohol like beer but a glass of wine is fine
*Fizzy drinks which includes fizzy water
*Avoid the canned fish because it is cancer promoting

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