Tuesday, 3 March 2015

5 Effective ways to stay physically healthy

No one wants to fall ill or feel lazy and this gets proved with the people asking how to stay healthy. Keep in mind that you need to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is important for all of us. In this write of health tips, I am going to talk about physical health.

Improve your eating habits
Don’t eat too much or too less. Avoid frequent intake of foods. You should take balanced diet at the time when you feel hunger. Take 4-5 meals in small quantity a day instead of a heavy diet. It will be better for you to avoid non-veg and fast foods along with soft/carbonated drinks.  

Tips for Stay Young
Stick to regular exercise
Exercise is very important for you. It is one of the best Tips For Stay Young. Taking exercises improves blood circulation and functionality of your body parts. Through particular workouts, you can enhance your digestive system, immunity and shape your body. For just staying healthy, go for walking, running or jogging if you can’t perform exercises of high intensity.

Drink adequate water
It is essential for you to keep your body hydrated. The water you drink helps to digest the food and keeps you hydrated. You should drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Sleep well at night
To stay active & fresh all the day, it is essential for you to have sound sleep at night. Clear your mind and feel relaxed when you go to bed. To have sound sleep, switch off the light and do meditation for a while.

Stay away from stress
You have lots of expectations in your life and you work hard to fulfil them. Due to pressure of personal and professional life, you get stressed. It is not good. Try to keep yourself in the light mood all the time.  

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