Thursday, 18 June 2015

7 Most Effective Exercises

Millions of people suffer from muscle tightness, lower back ache and general stiffness. A series of simple, full body, stretching stay young exercises can cure a tight lower back, relieve physical and mental stress, loosen up stiff legs and improve full body flexibility.
Exercise For Staying Young

Lower back stiffness and pain, tightness in the neck and shoulders, general muscle aches and tight leg muscles are conditions that affect millions of people, from sedentary couch potatoes to elite athletes. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 14% of new patient visits to physician offices (approximately 13 million annually) are for complaints of low back pain and lower body stiffness. In fact, an estimated 18% of the population has debilitating back pain at any given time. Lack of a proper stretching exercise program is a primary factor in most of these cases

"When we estimate the number of people that don't bother to go to the doctor or seek traditional treatment, such as physical therapy, the number is probably double and most likely higher. The amazing thing is most of these can be fixed with a series of simple stretching exercises for stay youngfor the whole body." claims Exercise Physiologist, Joey Atlas.

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